I'm a mixture of your local preppy white girl just trying to make it to the salon to get her roots touched up on time, and the h00d bitch with the black hair wrap, all white Adidas and the lip ring ragtaggin' her entire block.
I have the voodoo for bitches.

me about to do a powerpoint presentation

Good Vibes HERE

I feel like in Britney’s mind she’s 65
The hair has gotten so tall! With my traditional mug on.

Moment of bravery at the vet
Next time on BGC12....
Alex: I am so above these girls, my modelling is everything to me.....this is America's Next Top Model right??? :(
Aysia: Jonica.
Britt: Someone fight me pls
Loren: Eat my noodles bitch I dare you
Jada: bad bitchez move in silehnce, use dey wisdomm , not violehnce
Redd: *insert fat joke*
Jonica: where's the confessional room
All the way blonde finally. 😜


it’s always like 



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